Coliseum Gun Traders ltd.
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  • In-Store Sales of Firearms, Ammo and all Accessories
  • Internet Sales on New and Used Firearms
  • Full Gunsmithing: Repair, Reconditioning, Scope Mounting and Bore Sighting
  • Consignment Sales; Direct Purchases of your Guns; Trade Ups
  • Interstate Transfers within the US
  • Estate and Insurance Appraisals
  • Law Enforcement Package Discounts
  • Short- and Long-Term Firearms Storage
  • Knowledgeable and Courteous Staff to answer your Questions
  • Personal Attention
  • In-Store Trades, Sales and Appraisals: We will be happy to provide a trade-in or sale value of your firearm. Please call in advance so that we may be able to spend time with you to properly evaluate your items.
  • Gunsmithing Services: COLISEUM GUN TRADERS employs two expert Gunsmiths on site for repairs, modifications, installation of optics and electronic sights, functionality testing, action jobs and refinishing. Expert work takes time, so... please call in advance so that we may be able to spend time with you to properly evaluate the work to be done.
  • Consignment Sales: Do you have guns no longer used? No longer needed? Need cash? We'll be happy to take in your guns for consignment. We'll display and advertise them for a small fee when they are sold. If you prefer, we will offer you a fair price for an outright purchase.
  • Law Enforcement Packages: We are pleased to offer package deals for our local law enforcement personnel on selected duty and off-duty models. Packages include the gun and night sights and a holster if desired. Please come in or call for further information.

Just a word on cost, we do a heavy volume of firearms sales, which also require a good bit of record keeping. We must maintain ledgers and databases for all new and used guns, repairs and transfers as well. We are required to keep records for Federal, State and County authorities — and maintain a payroll for the nice folks who do that and make the customers happy. Oh, yeah, and pay the rent as well. So when customers ask us for the "best price we can do", believe me, you've already got it!

  • Personal Attention: Your satisfaction and safety are our primary concerns. Whether visiting us in person or doing business over the phone, we'll do our best to meet your needs courteously and quickly and share our knowledge with you.

  • We will:
    • Provide timely and accurate information on both new and production guns, ammunition and accessories, to allow you to decide which item is best for you
    • Spend more time with those new to the Shooting Sports, particularly women, younger shooters and first-time hunters or competition shooters.
    • Understand that Law Enforcement officers MUST have reliable weaponry and ammunition. We'll do our best to insure that your needs are well met.

We constantly maintain one-on-one daily contacts with shooting industry marketing reps, to keep up with the latest trends and industry inside info. We usually get the first crack at new products and limited production runs.

What We Do

  • Sales
  • Gunsmithing
  • Transfers
  • Appraisals
  • Law Enforcement Packages
  • Trades