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I’m a first-time gun buyer. How does one buy a gun at COLISEUM?

Instant background Check for Over-The-Counter Sales: You must be over 18 years of age to purchase a Long Gun (Rifle or Shotgun) with proof of NYS residence. You must possess a current, valid NYS Pistol Permit with an accompanying Pistol Purchase Document (issued by the licensing agency) to obtain a Handgun.

For ALL over-the-counter firearms sales, you will be required to complete a BATF Federal form 4473. Even if you possess a current, valid NYS Pistol Permit , you must undergo an "instant background check" whereby the information provided on the 4473 is verified on the phone by the F.B.I. This is a Federal requirement. Back

I live in New York City. Can I purchase a Long Gun at Coliseum?

New York City Residents Purchasing Firearms: All NYC residents who purchase long Guns MUST register them with the NYC Firearms Control Board. Both ATF and NYPD review purchase records. Back

I have some questions about a gun I’d like to buy. Who can I speak to?

PHONE INQUIRIES: A friendly and knowledgeable sales associate will be happy to answer your questions regarding firearms and ammunition availability, optics and accessories. We do not quote prices of new stock over the phone. If you're in the area, please come in for fair and competitive price quotes. Back

I see a gun on your web site (or an on-line listing) I want to purchase. What’s involved?

INTERNET SALES: For customers outside of the local area, we maintain an Internet Sales department, featuring hundreds of new and pre-owned firearms on our website (, plus a select number of guns and accessories on (use the SEARCH facility and type in our full phone number, 516 481 3593, to view all of our listings)

For Internet sales telephone inquiries, just ask the sales associate to connect you to the Internet Sales department! Back

I’m ready to purchase a gun I see on-line. What will I need?

Internet Sales: A valid CHARGE CARD (Number, Name, Billing Address and Phone #). All firearms (and accessories) that we advertise on line can be purchased within all US states. It's easy, safe and confidential. If you see a gun you're interested in and wish to buy, please call or email us to confirm the sale. We usually will ask for a credit card to reserve the gun, as several people may be interested in the same gun, and we try to insure a "first come, first served" policy. We do NOT charge any fee for credit cards. Your credit card number is kept confidential, and a receipt will be ENCLOSED with the gun.

For any firearm purchase, we will need a copy of the FFL of the dealer the gun will be sent to, with an original signature. A clearly legible faxed copy is acceptable. Once we receive the FFL, we will complete the charge and ship the gun to your dealer. Your local dealer will most probably require a fee for accepting the inbound gun on his books.

To help decide on a purchase, we'll be happy to provide digital pix via e-mail, and review every detail of the gun on the phone with you: general appearance, condition, fit and finish, and any optional features. When you call, please ask for Internet Sales and have the stock number of the gun at hand. Back

I want to transfer one or more of my guns TO another state. I want to transfer a gun FROM out of state to you. How do I do this?

FIREARMS TRANSFERS: We are a Federally-licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL) and can ship and receive firearms to/from other FFLs within the United States and U.S. Territories.

For OUTBOUND transfers, we must have a currently-dated, signed copy of the destination FFL, PRIOR TO sending the guns. We will send a signed copy of our FFL with the guns.

To receive a legally-owned firearm from another state, our fee schedule is: $60 for the first gun; $45 for all additional guns. Special pricing for large collections.

For INBOUND transfers, we must have a SIGNED COPY of the FFL of the sending party to accompany the guns, or they will be returned to the sender.

NOTE: Guns left unclaimed for over 90 days are subject to a storage fee. Back

I plan to buy a USED gun from another dealer in another state and transfer it via Coliseum. What’s required?

We’d need a copy of the Dealer’s FFL in advance or with the gun. Usual transfer fee applies. For any Handgun, you’ll need a valid Pistol Permit and a valid Purchase Document from your issuing agency.

Buying a NEW GUN from another dealer or Discount House? As most FFL Dealers do, we’ll require an additional charge if you ship in a New Gun that we would ordinarily offer for sale or keep in stock. The additional charge is 10% of the purchase price of the new gun, PLUS the Transfer fee. Back

I need to store my guns for safekeeping for several months. Can you help me?

Short-and Long-Term Storage: Available at monthly rates, per gun. Please inquire for prices. Back

My guns were damaged in a fire/flood/disaster and I need an insurance appraisal. I must legally dispose of a relative’s gun collection for estate purposes. Please help!!

Appraisals, Estate Evaluations, Insurance Estimates and Damage Claims: We do perform these expert services. Fees are dependent upon the number of firearms and the time and travel involved. We cite our sources for the valuation of the items and provide written estimates of current/future replacement costs. Please call for a consultation. Back

How do I get a Pistol Permit? In the store?

Applications for Pistol Permits are available through your local licensing agency. In Nassau County, contact the Nassau County Police Department License Bureau at 1490 Franklin Avenue. In Suffolk County, contact the Suffolk County Police Department Licensing Section in Yaphank. In New York City, contact the NYPD License Section at One Police Plaza in Manhattan. You must fill out an extensive application, give fingerprints, provide references and have a thoroughly clean background. The process takes from six to twelve months. Back



These are some common questions that are asked by our customers. If you cannot find an appropriate answer here, please call.